Who Uses the Trail?

The Discovery Trail at Rocky Creek aims to set an example as a best-in-class facility for experiential therapy and learning; offering therapists, educators, groups and equestrians an opportunity to expand the experience of their clients, children and themselves.

Our Discovery Trail environment is designed for...

  • THERAPISTS, COUNSELORS, SOCIAL WORKERS and other MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS working with individual clients of any age, ability or need. We also have space and programming geared towards continuing education and retreats (corporate or non-profit). {To learn more about our therapeutic programs, visit our Equuvation web site!}

  • EDUCATORS and TEACHERS who have small groups of students ready to learn in new ways; and benefit from increased physical, emotional and mental well-being while being immersed in nature.

  • PARENTS with children who have sensory integration issues, learning disabilities or other special needs. {Use of the trail requires a referral to one of our therapeutic or educational programs. To learn more, visit our Equuvation web site!}

  • CERTIFIED THERAPEUTIC RIDING INSTRUCTORS and CERTIFIED EQUINE SPECIALISTS working with individuals who have physical and/or mental/emotional special needs. {To learn more about our therapeutic programs or inquire about getting involved, visit our Equuvation web site!}

  • SCOUT GROUPS, SCHOOL GROUPS, YOUTH GROUPS and/or BUSINESSES/ORGANIZATIONS who crave a great outdoor educational, team-building or athletic experience. Group experiences will be designed ahead of time in collaborating with the lead chaperone/educator.

  • Please note: we are not open to the public. Our programs and facilities are available by appointment only for individuals and groups who are seeking therapeutic or educational interventions. We require the referral or recommendation of an educational (teacher), therapy, healthcare or social work professional.

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Our mission is to create an environment for guests of all ages and abilities to: experience the outdoors in a safe and delightful way; reach for and achieve therapeutic, educational and personal goals; and have an opportunity to learn from, and develop a relationship with horses {and other animals, including wildlife}.  For all who experience the Discovery Trail, we aim to evoke a sense of: peace, awe, wonder, beauty, progress, acceptance, understanding, empathy, inspiration, growth, appreciation, joy, mindfulness, imagination, whimsy, social responsibility, caring, love, collaboration, humor, and self-worth.