The Trait Tracker

At each station we have implemented our Trait Tracker™ – the positioning of a “character word” that aligns with each letter of the alphabet; and gives guests of all ages a chance to pause and consider how they feel about each quality; and for educators, therapists and parents to integrate those qualities into the lives of others.

As participants complete each Trait Tracker station or service project, they will receive a badge or sticker to visually mark their progress. Below is our list of character words found in our Trait Tracker, A to Z! 


a //     Appreciation
b //     Brave (Bravery)
c //     Compassionate (Compassion)
d //     Dependable
e //     Empathetic (Empathy)
f //     Fair (Fairness)
g //    Genuine
h //    Humble (Humility)
i //     Integrity
j //     Joyful (Joy)
k //     Kind (Kindness)
l //     Loyal (Loyalty)
m //     Mindful (Mindfulness)

n //     Noble
o //     Optimistic
p //     Patient (Patience)
q //    Quiet (enjoy what is around you)
r //     Respectful (Respect)
s //     Sincere (Sincerity)
t //     Trustworthy (Trust)
u //     Unique
v //     Virtuous
w //     Wholehearted
x //     Xenial
y //     Yourself
z //     Zany