Our Timeline

The Discovery Trail was launched during a brainstorming session in April of 2013, and we broke ground a year later after a lot of planning. While still under construction, the project is growing daily, and we have had the opportunity to "beta test" our stations and programs. Follow along below to see where the trail will take us next!

Where we are today


  • A group of friends and colleagues in the field of equine-assisted therapy saw potential in a piece of property, to fulfill their hopes of doing more

APRIL 2013

  • A “Round Table” discussion was held at Rocky Creek to brainstorm on and critique the conceptual design and activity matrix of the proposed Discovery Trail.
  • The expertise of the group who attended the Round Table included education, healthcare, psychology, equine psychotherapy, therapeutic riding, hippo-therapy, equine specialists, music therapy and special needs parenting.

MAY 2013 – MARCH 2014

  • Trails were cleared, ideas were discussed {some thrown out, others kept}, an architect was hired, plans were drawn, a budget was developed and LOTS {and lots} of research took place.

APRIL 2014

  • Construction began.

JULY 2014

  • Stations A, J and M have been completed - all of which were chosen due to their proximity to trail-heads for easy access of equipment as we “tested” our process and ideas.
  • Our family-friendly Fit-Trail has been installed for use by adults, children, families, school groups, athletic teams and more to challenge the way people stay healthy.
  • Our Archery Range has been implemented - featuring youth, ADA accessible, tween/teen, adult and 3-D ranges.
  • Basic Equine Activities have been set up including grooming stations and arena props.
  • Our brand, initial marketing and web site have been launched to help spread the word about the project, provide resources, and give us a framework for the next steps.

Where we are headed


  • Sensory elements and activities for Stations A through J will be complete.
  • Stations K, L, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z will be under construction. All conceptual planning for A-Z complete.

LATE 2016 – EARLY 2017

  • Stations A through Z will be fully complete
  • Our web site and smartphone and tablet app will be a comprehensive resource and virtual experience, allowing users to tour the trail, access station guides, make reservations, download lesson plans, scavenger hunts and additional educational supports.
  • The trail will feature an interactive Weather Station where guests can learn and observe the weather, and reports can be transmitted to Wunderground.
  • The trail will feature an educational “to-scale” Planet Walk to learn about the solar system; and an interactive Storybook Walk to encourage reading, creative writing and storytelling.
  • Our family-friendly Fit-Trail will include a yoga and meditation garden.
  • Our Water Activities may include remote control sailboats and additional wildlife habitats.
  • Our Equine Activities will include The Lifecycle of the Horse and Junior Equestrian Internship programs.
  • Each year, a new layer of sensory integration, activities and educational resources will be added to each station and component. Our trail will grow as a result of feedback, collaboration and the power of our imaginations.



  • Additional sensory layers will be added to each station to fully engage all senses and all abilities.
  • Methods for trail maintenance, drainage and Sensory Paths will be implemented, tested and shared with others.