Grants to Like Minded Organizations

We plan to provide access to grant funds to help other non-profits implement the ideas embodied throughout The Discovery Trail. Initially we expect these grants will typically range between $1,000 and $10,000 for each organization.

We expect that funding will come from an independent tax exempt Donor Advised Fund that will focus more of its resources on horse-human charities as recommended by the Equuvation Board. Eventually we hope to make grants directly from Equuvation, Inc. when it has received tax exempt status and can do its own fund raising.  

    Grants will be reviewed and approved or declined based on the following criteria:

  • 501c3 Tax Exempt Status required
  • Organizations that are PATH or EAGALA accredited (or equivalent as determined by the board)
    or accredited educational institutions 
  • Priority will be given to programs collaborating with other organizations (e.g. installation being executed by Boy Scout volunteers for a non-profit therapeutic riding facility)
  • Priority will be given to matching grant requests (e.g. an organization has raised $10,000
    from other sources and needs $10,000 to complete the project)
  • The organization’s apparent strategic direction 
  • The organization’s demonstrated operating philosophy
  • The annual community impact demonstrated by each organization
  • Grants within 200 miles of Charlotte, NC area will receive priority