How to Use or Access the Trail

Access to The Discovery Trail and additional programming is by appointment only – we are not open to the public. Please review the information below to learn how to schedule use for a session, or a book a visit with your group.


  • You must fall under the criteria of someone “Who Should Use The Trail”
  • Make reservations via the online form at least 7 days in advance. For specific questions, please contact us.
  • Be flexible to allow for the trail to be closed due to weather [heavy rain, storms, extreme temps]
  • Be flexible if your proposed day/time is already booked
  • Have all required paperwork submitted, including signed permission and release forms from parents
  • Attend an Orientation Session [this may be scheduled as the first 30 minutes of your planned visit]
  • Sign in and sign out!
  • Adhere to all rules and etiquette posted!


  • You must be a certified PATH Intl. Therapeutic Riding Instructor or Equine Specialist, or have one in attendance
  • Attend an Equine Orientation Session
  • You must have a 1:1 ratio of instructor to child [private lessons or semi-private with more than one instructor]
  • You must have worked with our horses before; or brought your horses out to the trail to school at least two times without students
  • You should have made a special reservation to allow equine use on the trail without other activity going on simultaneously
  • Adhere to all rules and etiquette posted!


If you need private, confidential use of the trail or any elements, please discuss with Trail Management BEFORE making reservations. We have private space available, but we must know ahead of time if your sessions are confidential according to HIPAA standards. All staff is briefed on the nature of confidentiality and is asked to sign a privacy statement.